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Everybody should know how to skate!

Or at least, that's what we think :-)

Learn to skate? Do you also want to learn all the cool moves on the ice?
Then "Learn 2 Skate" is something for you!

In cooperation with our club KPL - Figure Skating Club Pirouette Leuven, we organise skating lessons.

Our club provides a child-friendly approach and the children learn the basic skills they need. These classes are also a good way to see if your child (ren) do sports like enough (continue) before eventually moving to the club itself, without having to make all the investments in equipment.

These classes are completely free of obligation, which means that it is not a series you have to follow from class 1 through 10, but you can come when it suits you.

  • Learn 2 Skate Kids : €13.00, all included.
  • Learn 2 Skate Adults : €13.00, renting skates is not included.

The lessons take place on Wednesday (Learn 2 Skate Kids et Learn 2 Skate Adults), and on Sunday afternoon (Learn 2 Skate Kids).