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Our latest discount formula on IJsbaan Leuven!

Come and enjoy a wonderful fresh skating session in our indoor ice rink and then warm up in the cafeteria with a home-made pancake and a drink!

The latest invention of IJsbaan Leuven!
A discounted rate that you can enjoy with the whole family (or alone, but that's just a bit boring, can not you?) enjoy a nice fresh skating session, a delicious home-made pancake and a drink.

How does Pancake skating work?

Very simple: You arrive at the ice rink, you pay at the cash desk the "Pancake Skating" for the desired number of people and you go ice skating!
During or after skating you can enjoy our home-made pancakes and a drink in the cafeteria.
The ticket you got at the ticket office of the ice skating rink will be deposited in the cafeteria as proof of payment. Eventually you can continue skating afterwards!

You don not need to make a reservation for this formula!

Price: € 13.50 per person

There is no distinction between children or adults in this formula. Included are: access to the skating rink, renting ice skates, a portion of home-made pancakes and a drink.

With this formula you get at least € 1.80 discount per person! Already a nice saving, even if we say it ourselves!

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