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Corona Update: Further restrictions on the allowed numbers

In view of the Ministerial Decree of 23-10-2020, Article 6 (Dutch), we are forced to further limit the maximum allowed number of skaters to 40 people.

This has no further influence on existing reservations as there has not been a single public skating turn with more than 40 reservations.

Corona update: For the time being no influence on the activities in Ice Rink Leuven

As far as we can estimate at this time, the new announced measures have (for the time being) no influence on the operation of Ice Rink Leuven, and everything will continue as planned.

As soon as we receive / find more information, we will certainly inform you through all our channels.

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Corona Update Ice rink Leuven

Despite the new measures to combat Corona, you can still (safely) skate in Leuven!

The ice rink remains open!
So you can still come and skate with your family in the skating rink in Leuven!

For the time being (because you have to be careful nowadays) the ice rink will remain open.
Nothing really changes for the public skating sessions.


Of course, the new measures imposed by the government do have consequences:

  • The cafeteria will be closed from Monday October 19 for a period of at least 2 weeks.
    This means that during this closing period, the formulas of birthday parties and pancake skating are no longer possible.
    Customers who have already booked one of the two formulas will be contacted.
  • The training sessions at our clubs stop at 11.30pm at the latest to give everyone the chance to get home safely before the curfew starts.
  • Since the changing rooms must remain closed, it is no longer possible to play Fun Hockey or Fun Soccer.

Guido Guide discount coupons for students in Leuven

Due to the restrictive measures imposed by the government with regard to the permitted number of visitors, it is unfortunately not possible at the moment to use the discount vouchers that are in the Guido Guide.

Once the restrictions are removed, all coupons will be valid until the end of the skating season, regardless of the expiry date stated on the coupon.

We thank you for your understanding.



Update Corona protocols

Following the new guidelines of the Security Council on 23/07/2020, the following adjustments apply:

  • From Saturday 25/07/2020 it is mandatory for all people as of 12 years old to wear a mouth mask in the following areas:
    • Entryhall
    • Hallways
    • Toilets
    • Skate rental area
    • Dressing rooms
    • Cafeteria, as long as one is not at the table, and therefore during all trips in the cafeteria (toilet visit, ...)
  • From Saturday 25/07/2020 it is mandatory to have the contact details per table of one person.
    This includes the name, telephone number and / or email address of this person.
    Your privacy remains very important to us.
    This data is kept for 15 days and will not be used in any other way or passed on to third parties outside the government in the context of COVID-19 control.


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