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In our cozy cafeteria we have more than 300 seats, enough to accommodate large groups.
We receive families, friends, youth movements, schools, companies, buses ...
Also on our parking is more than enough for all cars or buses.

If your group exceeds 15 people, please give us a notice in advance so that we can offer you a custom menu to ensure the quality of food and serving.

    1. Menu 1
      • Chef's daily fresh soup
      • Fresh, home-made videos with fresh fries
      • Dame Blache with whipped cream
    2. Price: € 20.00 per person (excluding drinks)


    1. Menu 2
      • Fresh tomato soup
      • Fresh, home-made steak with fresh fries
      • Brussels waffle with fresh whipped cream
    2. Price: € 20.00 per person (excluding drinks)


    1. Menu 3
      • Choice of chef or tomato soup
      • Steak with fries and a trio of sauces
      • Fresh pancakes with sugar
    2. Price: € 26.00 per person (excluding drinks)


    1. Tour Operators
      • * Coffee and tea (à volonté)
      • Bread buffet with different types of bread and sour
    2. Minimum 35 people (drinks other than coffee and tea are payable separately)


    Price: € 9.00 per person


There is a big parking for buses.


Of course, we will tailor a customized proposal to you, based on your wishes and budget.
You can contact us through the contact form.

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