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Fun on the ice skating rink in Leuven!

IJsbaan Leuven has been the coolest place to be in Flemish Brabant for over 30 years!

You can contact us for a whole bunch of fun things to do on and off the ice!
During public skating sessions can come skate with your family, the whole family, friends, youth organization, company, school, sports, ....

Sliding fun is guaranteed when you get into IJsbaan Leuven!

You can just come skate during the public skating sessions, but you can also organize birthday parties, or learn to skate..

Ice rink Leuven is more than 15 years, also open during the summer months.
We are only 19 days (in June) closed a year for the maintenance of the rink.

It's safe to say that if you're too hot in the summer, you can come to cool off with us.

Take a look at our schedule to see when you can come skate!

Public skating sessions